Goldilocks and the Three Villages

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Goldilocks who lived in the mountains with her family. One day, Goldilocks decided it was time for her to learn more about life and move to one of the three villages below.

The next morning Goldilocks hiked down from the mountain to visit Toolittleville also known as the Village of Fear and Submissiveness. The first thing Goldilocks noticed was how quiet it was in the village. People walked silently down the street with their eyes downcast and shoulders slumped.

No one greeted or talked to each other on the sidewalk. It was as if they were all afraid of interacting with each other. When someone appeared to need some type of help, the residents of Toolittleville would simply walk on by without acknowledging the situation or offering assistance.

When Goldilocks looked closely at the Toolittlevillers, it appeared that a few of them seemed to be hiding their true nature. These people gave Goldilocks an uneasy feeling. Even through Goldilocks had been encouraged by her parents to be confident and speak her mind, she too felt herself becoming fearful and passive as time progressed. Goldilocks was happy to leave.

The next day, Goldilocks hiked down to visit Toobigville also known as the Village of Anger and Overreaction. Toobigville was loud and noisy. Well before Goldilocks arrived at the outskirts of the village, she heard cars honking and people yelling.

The people of Toobigville walked around with aggressive facial expressions and body postures. They were quick to take offense at any provocation or perceived slight. As a result, it was common to see men and women arguing and fighting on the street. Goldilocks was happy to leave.

On the third day, Goldilocks entered Justrightville also known as the Village of Progressive Boundary Setting. She instantly realized that she had found her new home. People were either purposely going from place to place or engaging in friendly conversation. The villagers were all very clear and direct with each other. Conflicts were resolved quickly and without yelling.

If a visitor from Toolittleville seemed to be having a problem, a Justrightviller would step in and offer assistance. Goldilocks also saw visitors from Toobigville. If they resorted to their aggressive behavior, the Justrightvillers would immediately intercede and voice their disapproval.

Having been raised by her parents to be confident, to speak assertively, and to respect other people, Goldilocks felt perfectly at home in Justrightville. She vowed never to leave.