The Progressive Boundary Setting System™

The Progressive Boundary Setting System™ is made up of series of educational tools and techniques designed to teach students:

1. The definition of Progressive Boundary Setting. How to identify it. How it is used by people and society to control and limit unwanted behaviors.

2. How Progressive Boundary Setting is executed by individuals as well as by bystanders and policing agents.

3. How Progressive Boundary Setting is relevant. How it is applied by students in everyday social situations, and against harassment and bullying. How it is used to de-escalate conflict and to deter the onset of aggression.

4. How Progressive Boundary Setting is the foundation of conflict resolution, personal safety, and self-defense.

5. How students can improve their execution of Progressive Boundary Setting by using the techniques and tactics of PBSS.

6. The definition and use of proprietary concepts and terminology: The Progressive Fence™ The Visual Fence™ The Verbal Fence™ The Physical Fence™ The Progressive Response™ The Just Right Response™ Confirmation of Bad Intention™ The Trigger to Act™ 7. How to relate Progressive Boundary Setting to pre-existing knowledge of conflict resolution, assertiveness, and physical defense.

Presentations and workshops involve instruction though demonstration, discussion, and role playing using proven techniques and tactics that adhere to the principles of Progressive Boundary Setting.