Secure, Insecure, and Violating Cultures - Part I

 The Security Trio: Respect, Communication, and Enforcement

Secure Culture is one in which anti-social behaviors are limited and controlled. These unwanted behaviors range from bullying, harassment, sexual assault, to murder and mayhem.  A Secure Culture relies on the Security Trio of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement. The rules of behavior are clearly communicated. They are respected by the majority. When necessary, the rules are enforced.  Respect is created by enforcement that is just right, neither too passive, nor too aggressive.

An Insecure Culture is characterized by the Insecurity Trio of Under-Respect, Under-Communication, Under-enforcement.  They signify minimal respect for the rules of behavior. These rules are not well communicated and they are not well understood. The rules are under-enforced which leads to apathy and contempt.

A Violating Culture is one in which anti-social behaviors are the norm. These unwanted behaviors are the result of the Chaos Trio of Disrespect, Threats, and Violence. In a Violating Culture, the rules of behavior are not respected, they are violated. Communication is done by threats . Violence is commonplace. The rules of behavior are either not enforced which leads to chaos and mayhem, or they are over-enforced which leads to resentment and revenge.

Secure Cultures are created when the majority of individuals, organizations, and institutions follow the Security Trio by respecting the rules of behavior, clearly communicating the rules of behavior, and enforcing the rules of behavior via appropriate responses. Violating Cultures, by contrast, are riddled by the Chaos Trio. Individuals, organizations, and institutions are disrespectful, use threats, intimidation, and violence. Non-enforcement in the form of apathy and/or over-enforcement in the form of draconian responses are widespread.  Insecure Cultures are characterized by a general lack of respect for the rules of behavior.  There are many interpretations and variations of these rules. The rules are enforced in a sporadic and inconsistent manner.

A Secure Culture uses Progressive Responses in an escalating manner as a means to determine the Just Right Response or appropriate response to disrespect and violations of the rules of behavior. Government relies on the power of the institutional authority (The Institutional Fence) to command respect, communicate, and enforce the rules. Insecure Cultures are filled with entities that are powerless to enforce the rules.  The typical response to unwanted behavior is passive. Violating Cultures are dominated by people and institutions that exhibit anti-social behaviors, and use violence to enforce personal desires and wishes. Fear and mayhem is commonplace.

It is the collective actions of individuals, organizations, and government that makes the difference between Secure, Insecure, and Violating Cultures. Responses that limit anti-social behaviors and control the Chaos Trio of Disrespect, Threats, and Violence are ultimately what determines the type of culture. For Secure Cultures the appropriate response arises from the Three Pillars of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement.